3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Driveway Gates 

A driveway entry gate doesn’t just add security and protection to your home. The gate acts as a way to showcase your personal style and is the first visual many guests to your home will see. While standard installations provide a clean look, you may add your own style and flair to gate designs.

Learn about ways to customize your driveway gate and how to make a gate truly your own. Professional fencing companies will work with you to make your design become a reality and to install a gate that will last for years to come.

While black or gray are some of the natural colors used for fence designs, you have the option to present your driveway gate in any color you want. You could choose a color scheme to match the exterior of your home or base the design on personal interests. If your favorite color is blue, you can select a design with blue tones.

To play with colors, choose a mix of colors on the fence design. For example, many driveway gates will feature an arched section at the top of the gate. Choose one color for the bottom section and another for the top section.

You could choose your favorite sports team for the gate color designs. If you’re a New York Giants fan, for example, the top of the gate could feature a red finish while the bottom has a blue design. The gate colors could match team flags you display on your property.

Brainstorm to come up with different color options. Think about how different fence elements could have color schemes that fit in your landscaping and personal style.

While paint colors offer a permanent design option for your fence, some features allow you to change visuals and designs based on the season. For example, you could request welded on sections of the fence that feature built-in hangers. Use the hangers for holiday-themed decorations.

In the winter months, the hangers could hold holiday wreaths. For the Fourth of July, you could hang red, white, and blue wreathes or decorations. Use the hangers for potted plants in the spring and summer months. The hangers allow you to change out the decorations with each season.

Ideally, choose positions where the hangers are evenly placed. For example, a symmetrical look on the gate would offer an even look and match well with an arched design across the top of a gate. The durable quality of a welded-on hanger allows you to hang items without worrying about high winds or inclement weather causing problems for your decorations.

The craftsmanship put into custom fence designs also gives you the option for elegant lettering on the fences. The durable steel or iron fencing can display a variety of text options. For example, you could choose to just feature the initial of the family name on the fence. You could choose from preset font options for the ornamental design, or you could order custom fonts.

If you own farmland or an estate, the name of the property could appear on the fence. For example, the top of the fence could feature “Henry’s Horse Ranch” across the top. If your home also acts as a business, then the business name will add some professionalism and make it easier for people to locate.

The text does not have to include anything official either. Use the text for fun messages or a personal motto. You could choose phrases like “God Bless America,” “Welcome,” or “Private Property” formed into the fence design.

No matter what design you choose, our professionals at Northgates In Motion
will help the gate become a reality. Our design experts have made custom gates for all kinds of clients and will help your vision come to life with professional quality and detail.

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