Aluminum or Steel Fencing Whats the Difference


Steel or Aluminum Fencing: Which is the Better Choice?


To achieve the timeless appearance of a traditional wrought iron fence, homeowners are offered two practical options: Steel or Aluminum. So what is the difference between the two, and which one offers you the most advantages for your new fence? Both steel and aluminum provide a low maintenance option in comparison to traditional wrought iron or wood fencing. And while they are both a durable fencing option, choosing the right material for your fence project will ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome and that your fence will last a long time.

Steel Fencing better option steel or aluminum right choice

Steel fencing is notorious for its strength. It is heavy and resistant to damage, impact, and wind. Due to its weight, steel fencing may be more difficult to install than aluminum fencing, however the peace of mind from choosing a steel fence is well worth it.

Our steel fences are built with galvanized steel. The term galvanized means the steel has been coated with a protective layer of zinc to prevent better choice steel fence or aluminum fence what is the difference

Disadvantages of Steel Fencingwhich is better steel or aluminum fence what is the difference between

  • Steel fencing is heavy and difficult to install, making it (for most people) not a do-it-yourself project.
  • Though the installation cost may be cheaper for steel fencing than aluminum, the material itself is more expensive than aluminum.


Aluminum Fencingbest option steel or aluminum fence what is the difference


Aluminum is another popular material for ornamental metal fences. Aluminum fencing material is generally cheaper. Aluminum fencing, like steel requires very little which is better steel fence or aluminum fence what is the difference between

Disadvantages of Aluminum Fencing

  • Aluminum is light-weight and easily dented, bent or damaged in storms and by kids climbing on it
  • In order to be welded, Aluminum fencing requires a specialty-skilled welder.what is the difference best option aluminum fence or steel fence
  • Due to its flimsy nature, Aluminum fencing is not recommended for security purposes or commercial use.

So Which is Right For You?

Both Aluminum and Steel Fencing offer a low-maintenance alternative for fencing, and both add a visually appealing accent to the landscaping of your home. So which should you choose? If your needs are more decorative than functional, Aluminum fencing is a great option. However, if you require a fence that is more functional for long term, secure, and damage-resistant, then steel fencing is the best option for you.


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