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If you want to install new or replacement fence for your home,
business or rural property, consider vinyl. Made from Polyvinyl
Chloride, vinyl fencing has come a long way since it was introduced in
the 1980s.

Today’s vinyl fences are strong, long-lasting, economical, and
require little maintenance. Whether you need to create a horse corral,
put up a privacy fence, or would just like a decorative fence around
your garden, there are many benefits to choosing vinyl over wood, chain
link or wrought iron fencing.

White Vinyl Fencing

For beauty that lasts, vinyl fencing
can’t be beat. It’s available in a wood look, or choose one of many
different colors that won’t fade, chip, or peel. And, unlike a wood
fence, a vinyl fence usually doesn’t have visible posts and rails, so
you and your neighbors can all enjoy nice-looking fencing.

Vinyl also typically outlasts wood by
many years. It’s not susceptible to termites, cracking, rotting,
warping, mold, temperature extremes, and moisture. In Kansas, this
weather resistance is a big plus for homeowners. And, unlike chain link
or wrought iron, a wood fence will never rust. When it’s time to replace
your vinyl fence, the pieces can be recycled, making it an
environmentally-friendly choice.

Strong and Flexible
Here in the Wichita area,
storms and high winds are common, so vinyl is a great option. Vinyl is
more flexible and is about 5 times as strong as wood, so a vinyl fence
is less likely to break in windy conditions.

Low Maintenance
One of the biggest benefits of
owning a vinyl fence is that it requires practically no maintenance.
Instead of scraping, sanding, priming, painting or staining every couple
of years like with a wood fence, a quick rinse with a hose is all it
takes to keep vinyl looking great.

Easy to Install
Vinyl fencing is lighter than
wood or wrought iron fencing, so it’s easier to install. Many styles
come in panels that can be locked together, rather than nailing or
screwing one board on at a time.

Vinyl fencing costs more initially
than a wood fence, but it’s a better value overall because there are no
maintenance costs and you can often get a lifetime warranty. Plus, you
can expect to periodically replace wood boards that become warped,
rotted, or get broken.

Find out how a vinyl fence could add to the beauty of your property. Call Reddi Fence at 316-858-0757 today.

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