Cartell CP-4

Cartell CP-4 Smart Driveway Free Exit Wand Sensor System with 100' Foot Cable for Gate Openers


Unveiling the Future of Gate Automation: The Cartell CP-4 Automatic Gate Opener!

🌟 All-in-One Solution: No need for bulky external circuit boards. Everything you need is right here, packed into one powerful unit.

🚗 Smooth, Hands-Free Exits: Driven by advanced magnetometer technology, this gate opener ensures your guests can leave without a hitch — at a speed of at least FIVE MPH for optimal detection.

💡 Effortless Installation: Direct wire hook-up to your gate operator, ensuring a cleaner and hassle-free setup. Note: Ensure the sensor isn’t placed too close to the gate for optimal functioning.

🔋 Lowest Standby Current in the Industry: 95% more efficient than its competitors! This means significantly less battery maintenance for solar applications. Eco-friendly and pocket-friendly!

🌎 Universal Compatibility: Whether your gate operates on electricity or solar energy, CP-4 is ready to serve. Its versatile nature allows it to work harmoniously with virtually any gate out there.

🔒 Exceptional Sensing Capabilities: No more false alarms! The unit is engineered to detect only moving steel, ensuring your gate opens only when it needs to.

📐 Designed to Last: With attributes like heat resistance, lightning protection, and an impressive IP Rating of 68, CP-4 is built for endurance.

📦 Complete Package: Each unit comes with a 100 ft cable (with options for longer cables), and a self-contained sensor “puck” that’s both efficient and compact.

🛠 Easy Maintenance: With Cartell’s commitment to quality, they back their product with a 3-Year Warranty against material and workmanship defects.

🌐 Always There for You: With dedicated customer support channels and a well-detailed website, you’re never alone in your journey with Cartell.

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For more information, feel free to reach out to Cartell directly at (717) 532-0033 or visit their official website at Located at 510 W King St, Shippensburg, PA 17257.