Aren’t Window Shades Boring? Not at Goodwin-Cole, we have tons of exciting colors and textures for the modern home.


Grandmothers Venetian Blinds

Do you have boring venetian blinds? Time for an upgrade.

Shade colors and textures.

Mecho Shade Systems, colors and textures.

Think back to the window shades in your parents’ or grandparents’ homes. It conjures up images of white metal occasionally dusty slat shades and shutters in colors like white and off-white. Since then, window coverings have taken a bold step into the future and are certainly not your grandmothers’ Venetian Blinds. Window coverings indoor and outdoor can range anywhere from nearly invisible to stylish neutral linens. As far as materials go, the options are vast, ranging from a bamboo or basket weave.

Whether the look you’re going for is lavish or minimalist with your window fixtures and coverings to elaborate there is something for you.  There are also clean weave and vertical diamond patterns which will give your windows more depth and texture as seen in high end home ranging from the Traditional to Modern styles.

Then when you thought the choices were all made we integrate manual or motorized functionality to the window covering and as you can see this is far from boring. In fact roller shades are sleek stylish and bring a value to your home that are not your grandma’s blinds.

Call or click here to speak with Goodwin Cole today to turn your windows coverings into a stylish design element in your home.

Phifer window treatment, color and textures

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3 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Driveway Gates 

A driveway entry gate doesn’t just add security and protection to your home. The gate acts as a way to showcase your personal style and is the first visual many guests to your home will see. While standard installations provide a clean look, you may add your own style and flair to gate designs.

Learn about ways to customize your driveway gate and how to make a gate truly your own. Professional fencing companies will work with you to make your design become a reality and to install a gate that will last for years to come.

While black or gray are some of the natural colors used for fence designs, you have the option to present your driveway gate in any color you want. You could choose a color scheme to match the exterior of your home or base the design on personal interests. If your favorite color is blue, you can select a design with blue tones.

To play with colors, choose a mix of colors on the fence design. For example, many driveway gates will feature an arched section at the top of the gate. Choose one color for the bottom section and another for the top section.

You could choose your favorite sports team for the gate color designs. If you’re a New York Giants fan, for example, the top of the gate could feature a red finish while the bottom has a blue design. The gate colors could match team flags you display on your property.

Brainstorm to come up with different color options. Think about how different fence elements could have color schemes that fit in your landscaping and personal style.

While paint colors offer a permanent design option for your fence, some features allow you to change visuals and designs based on the season. For example, you could request welded on sections of the fence that feature built-in hangers. Use the hangers for holiday-themed decorations.

In the winter months, the hangers could hold holiday wreaths. For the Fourth of July, you could hang red, white, and blue wreathes or decorations. Use the hangers for potted plants in the spring and summer months. The hangers allow you to change out the decorations with each season.

Ideally, choose positions where the hangers are evenly placed. For example, a symmetrical look on the gate would offer an even look and match well with an arched design across the top of a gate. The durable quality of a welded-on hanger allows you to hang items without worrying about high winds or inclement weather causing problems for your decorations.

The craftsmanship put into custom fence designs also gives you the option for elegant lettering on the fences. The durable steel or iron fencing can display a variety of text options. For example, you could choose to just feature the initial of the family name on the fence. You could choose from preset font options for the ornamental design, or you could order custom fonts.

If you own farmland or an estate, the name of the property could appear on the fence. For example, the top of the fence could feature “Henry’s Horse Ranch” across the top. If your home also acts as a business, then the business name will add some professionalism and make it easier for people to locate.

The text does not have to include anything official either. Use the text for fun messages or a personal motto. You could choose phrases like “God Bless America,” “Welcome,” or “Private Property” formed into the fence design.

No matter what design you choose, our professionals at Northgates In Motion
will help the gate become a reality. Our design experts have made custom gates for all kinds of clients and will help your vision come to life with professional quality and detail.

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6 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Driveway Gate

For security and privacy, a driveway gate is your first line of defense. But a driveway gate is much more than just a barrier to your property. Like your home, your gates should represent you and your character. The right driveway gate creates a seamless connection to the rest of your property. The wrong driveway gate looks odd and unappealing.

If you have thought of replacing your current gate or driveway gate, then consider the following factors before you decide what is right for your property.

1. Materials and Maintenance

Three common gate materials are timber, steel, and wrought iron. All three materials require maintenance, and the level of that maintenance depends on your home’s location. As ferrous metals, both steel and wrought iron will have problems with rust, especially if you live near the coast, where the air is salt-laden. This means you’ll likely need to regularly repaint to protect against rust.

You could also ask your gate supplier to use stainless steel to create your gate if metal is your preferred choice since it is highly resistant to rust.

Timber is probably the hardest material to maintain since it can rot, suffer pest damage, and is less durable than the aforementioned metals. But if you live in an area with few pests and mild weather, an attractive timber gate will have less need for regular maintenance.

2. Electronic or Manual

Electronic gates offer a wide variety of advantages that manual gates cannot. For instance, if your driveway is long and you have regular visitors, you might not want to walk to your driveway gate every time to open it up. Instead, with an electronic gate, you can open your driveway gate with a remote control. This is useful for parties, bad weather, and emergencies.

But electronic is more expensive. If your budget is limited, go for manual gates. That way, you’ll be able to spend more of your budget on the gate’s look and design, rather than its functionality.

3. Direction of Swing

This is mainly a space issue. Check the space around your gate, and decide what would work best with the space available. A sliding gate is perfect if space is at a premium internally and externally.

4. Privacy and Security

Steel and timber gates come in more solid varieties, with fewer bells and whistles than a typical wrought iron gate. If privacy and security are something you value, then choose tall gates with fewer openings. But if style is more important to you, then a custom wrought iron gate might be suitable.

5. Color and Style

Your driveway gate should blend in seamlessly with your home’s exterior. Consider the style of your house, for instance. A Craftsman-style home goes well with picket fences and gates, whereas more modern-looking homes suit steel or timber gates. Color is also an important consideration especially if your driveway gate is visible to passersby.

6. Safety

This is one of the most important factors when you choose a gate for your driveway. If you have children and pets, for instance, a solid driveway gate will offer more safety from passing animals and people that might reach through than a gate with openings will. And consider accessibility during emergencies. A remote-controlled gate will allow emergency vehicles quick access to your property.

A beautiful home should have a
beautiful driveway gate. If you’d like to take a role in designing your own driveway gate with the help of a skilled designer, Northgates in Motion can help. With the assistance of one of our highly qualified and experienced technicians, you can design a gate that meets all your needs, aesthetically and otherwise. Call us today, and we’ll help you get started.

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How Important are Safety Devices for Automatic Gates

How Important are Safety Devices for Automatic Gates

When you’re installing an automatic gate in New Jersey, you’ll need to consider what kinds of safety appliances you want to add to the gate’s features. But when you’re beginning the project, you may not think that these safety features are extremely important.

It can be easy to think of Automatic Gate Safety Devices as extra features or add-ons, but they actually serve an extremely important purpose.

Gates can easily cause major damage to automobiles if they don’t have proper safety features installed, and it could be even worse. Without safety devices in place, your gate could cause serious injuries, or worse. The professionals at Metro Access Control can help you ensure that your automatic gate is always functioning as safely as possible.

Why Safety Devices are Essential

An automated gate usually weighs around 500 pounds and is most often constructed from very solid metal. On top of that, automated fates move with a respectable amount of force and speed. If you don’t take care to ensure that your New Jersey home’s automated gate system is safe, it will be very easy for someone to be seriously injured or killed by a driveway gate.

Our professionals will work with you during the design and installation of your automated gate to ensure that it always operating safely.

Things to Consider During the Installation

  • There should be no part of your New Jersey property’s gate system where a person could get part of their body caught between a moving object and a stationary object.
  • A proper gate design will eliminate most areas in the gate where a person could be injured. Safety devices will help protect against injury in any parts of the gate where the risk cannot be eliminated.
  • Photo eyes help to ensure that the gate will not close if there is a person or an object in the path of the gate.
  • Reversing edges make sure that the gate will either stop its path or reverse it if the gate happens to come into contact with a person or an object.

While not installing safety devices with your automated gate may seem like an appealing way to save money on the project, ignoring the safety risks can prove to be dire. You’ll be risking the injury of anyone who is entering your New Jersey property, and if someone is hurt, you will likely be financially liable.

Safety devices also protect vehicles from damage, of which you would also likely be financially responsible.

Our professional automated gate experts can work with you to ensure that you have all of the proper safety devices installed for your New Jersey Automated Gates.

If you are looking for Automatic Gate Safety Devices in New Jersey then please call 732-742-9230 or complete our online request form.

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Donates $3,200 Glen Foerd Mansion

glen foerd rose garden
glen foerd rose garden

Glen Foerd on the Delaware is a historic and widely recognizable estate located in the Torresdale neighborhood of Philadelphia.  This eloquent mansion serves as a historical landmark in the Philadelphia area and is a popular destination for newlyweds to celebrate their special day. With eighteen acres of rare and stunning scenery lies the formal rose garden.  Northeast Fence & Iron Works jumped at the opportunity when news arrived that a new fence was needed for the garden.  Northeast Fence has long been an advocate for providing their services to better the community and serve as a benefactor to perform humanitarian projects.  What could better compliment a beautiful rose garden dating back 300 years than a rustic, post and rail wood fence? Northeast Fence decided to foot the bill of $3,200 to install the alluring new fence, doing their part in contributing to this historical landmark. Don’t overlook this luxurious mansion when shopping around for venues for that special day.


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