DAAB EP105 804-299-4472




The FAAC automatic control unit is based on a well tried and tested platform:
the EP.
This platform has been in use for industrial applications since the end of
the 1990’s.
More than 40,000 gates, doors and barriers are controlled by an EP
unit. The EP105 is the latest version.
The EP105 has been developed for use all over the world, in all climates. Today it controls gates
from the freezing cold of Siberia to the desert heat of Africa


Underground Motor Offset Hinges 804-299-4472



Offset underground hinges to be used when the required hinge clearance from the pivot point of the gate and the pillar cant be achieved.


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Electric gate kit:
Sliding gate hardware kits:
Hard wired safety edges:
Wireless safety edges:

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Magnetic MGC PRO Programmering av Radio 804-299-4472



Magnetic MGC PRO Programmering av Radio
Video visar standard utförande där man programmerar en knapp med funktionen öppna.
För att programmera stäng knapp på sändaren följ samma process men välj funktion stäng och valfri knapp på sändare.

För fullständig manual besök https://www.faac.se/data/pdf/58160006_en_version03_mgc_mgcpro.pdf