FAAC 680 Left Hand Barrier Gate Operator Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier

B680H Automatic Barrier Operator – FAAC 1046801

The B680H Automatic 24V Hybrid Barrier Operator by FAAC is a multi-functional barrier operator that is controlled by an easy to program and technologically advanced control unit with an integrated encoder (with reverse in the event of an obstacle), two integrated loop detectors, and Master/Slave logic. It is capable of performing up to 2,000,000 cycles by utilizing advanced hybrid technology that features a Hydraulic + Brushless Motor and High Logistic Optimization that allows for a single model to be suitable for all barrier lengths. It also features an adjustable electronic anti-crushing safety system that guarantees stopping and locking of the beam in any position, and a convenient manual release in case of power outage.

Does Not Include Barrier Arm, Beam Bracket, Balancing Spring or Housing.


  • Barrier Length: 6.5 – 26.5 ft.
  • Opening Time (Programmable): 1.5 – 6 sec.
  • Board Type: E 680 Control Board
  • Removable Housing (Not Included)
  • Simple, Guided Mechanical Setup
  • Automatic, 2-Step Control Board Setup
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Integrated Absolute Encoder
  • “Everlasting” Springs
  • 24V Hybrid Heart
  • Compatible with 620 and 640 foundation plates

Technical Specifications:

  • Barrier Arm Type: Round
  • Power Supply Voltage: Switching: 100 – 240V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Power: 240 W
  • Electric Motor: Brushless 36V DC
  • Absorbed Current: 1.1 A (@ 230V DC)
  • Motor Rotation Speed: 1000 – 6000 rpm
  • Motor-Pump Unit Capacity: 3.2 lpm
  • Frequency Of Use: Continuous
  • Electronic Declaration: Absolute Magnetic Encoder
  • Oil Type: FAAC HP OIL
  • Protection Rating: IP44
  • Operating Temperature: -4ºF ~ 131ºF

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FAAC 415 Basic Gate Operator Kit-1044182.5L, FAAC swing Gate Operators


FAAC 415 115 VAC Swing Gate Operators

This is the FAAC 415 (1044182.5L) 115V swing gate opener (also known as a FAAC swing gate operator or FAAC swing gate motor) from FAAC Gate Operators. This swing gate opener should be used to convert a single kit into a master/slave or bi-parting system, or as a replacement operator for an existing FAAC 415 Gate Operator System. The FAAC 415 is for use on gates with a max length of 15 feet and a max weight of 700 lbs per leaf.  25 Cycles per hour. Purchase with confidence, knowing that FAAC Gate Operators are built to produce the longest life, most reliable and safest opening systems on the market.


FAAC 415 Swing Gate Operators
The FAAC 415 Compact Operator is an automatic gate operator for a swinging gate leaf. The 415 Compact Operator is useful in residential applications and can accommodate a gate leaf up to 14 ft (4.3 m) long. The self-contained 415 Compact Operator consists of an electric motor that
drives a worm screw housed in an aluminum casing.
The locking the 415 Operator provides in the fully opened and fully closed positions is a service device rather than a security device. Additional,
external locks are recommended under the following conditions:

∗ It is a solid-faced gate.
∗ The length of the gate leaf is 6 ft (2 m) or longer.
∗ The installation requires tight security.
∗ The site is subject to vandalism.
∗ The site is subject to strong or very gusty wind
In two-operator gate installations, both (master/slave) operators are wired to one control panel. The electronic control panel is a microprocessor-
based controller that accepts a wide range of product accessories and reversing devices, thus allowing for flexible gate system design. Also for the
protection and proper operation of the 415 Operator, each operator has built in limit switched so positive stops are not needed.
Built-in security and anti-crushing measures of the 415 Operator include built in reverse on contact and a torque adjustment that controls the force
transmitted to the gate leaf through the 415 Operator. The Manual Release mechanism is a key accessed device that disengages (or engages) the
cylinder on 415 Operator. When the drive is disengaged, you can open and close the gate leaf by hand. Such manual operation of the gate is
necessary during installation and useful during prolonged power failures.

FAAC 415 Swing Gate Opener Specifications:

  • Max Gate Length: 15
  • Max Gate Length w/ External Lock: 15
  • Maximum Force Output: 675
  • Duty: Medium
  • Cycles Per Hour: 25
  • Power Supply Volts: 115
  • Alt. Power Supply Source: BC Pro 1050
  • Battery (AC Power Failure): No
  • Anti-Crushing Protection: Electronic
  • End Travel Declaration: Timed
  • Rod-Effective Stroke (inches): 15 3/4
  • Max Opening Angle: 110
  • Built in Mechanical Stops: No Stops or Limit Switches Required
  • Life Expectations (cycles): 200,000 (10 years @ 55 cycles per day)
  • Transmission: Low-Temp Grease
  • 90 degree opening time 13 seconds
  • Maximum . weight per gate leaf 700 pounds (317.5kg)
  • Approx. operating temperature range -4°F to131°F (-20°C to 5°C)
  • Power Consumption 300 W
  • Current Consumption 2.5 A
  • Effective stroke 15” (38.1 cm)
  • Protection class Nema 4x

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FAAC 770 Operator, FAAC Underground Swing Gate Operator, FAAC Opener


FAAC 770 (106753) In Ground Swing Gate Operator
* Duty Cycle
* 50 cycles per hour  
* Maximum Gate Swing 120 Degrees  
* 90 Degree Opening time 13 Seconds  
* Maximum Weight per gate leaf 800 lbs. (363 kg)  
* Maximum length per gate leaf 10 feet (3 m)  
* Approx. operating temperature range -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to 55°C)  
* Voltage Primary: 115vac
* Secondary: 2vac (100va transformer)  
* Power Consumption 40 W   
* Current Consumption 2 A   
* Effective Stroke 16.5 in. (41.9 cm)   
* Protection Class Nema 4x

FAAC 770 In Ground Swing Gate Operator
The FAAC 770 Compact automation system for swing gates is a geared motor. It is designed for underground installation and therefore does not alter the appearance of the leaf. The operators are controlled by an electronic control unit mounted in an enclosure which assures adequate protection against atmospheric agents.
The leaves are normally closed. When the electronic control unit receives an open command from the remote radio control or any other control device, it activates the electromechanical system and causes the leaves to rotate by an angle of up to 110° to their open position, so as to allow access.

If automatic operation has been selected, the leaves close automatically after the selected pause time. If semiautomatic operation has been selected, a second impulse must be sent to close the leaves. An open command given while the leaves are closing causes the leaves to reverse direction of movement. A stop command (if available) stops movement at any time.
For detailed information on the operation of the automation system in the various operating modes, contact the installation technician. The automation system is equipped with a safety device consisting of photocells. When the photocells are darkened by an obstacle, they prevent the leaves from closing. The 770 Compact automation system is also equipped with an anti-crushing safety device (fitted as standard) that limits the torque transmitted to the leaves. The operators ensure that the system is mechanically locked when the motor is not running, so there is no need to install a lock. The leaves can be opened manually only by operating the unlocking device. The lamp flashes while the leaves are moving.

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