6 Replies to “Continuity test on an old curly cord as it stretches 804-299-4472”

  1. Don’t u hate when lazy people don’t use a j box and just run the cord all the way to the operator

  2. I just had a rytec 4 wire edge that drove me nuts with edge trip codes. I finally did a check like this with it running and figured out it was the coil cord

  3. Sorry Kyle I already knew that one. Sometimes I get lazy tho and don’t run that check. I end up just checking it at arm level then it comes back to bite me later. I prefer take up reels myself. Much easier to install/service.

  4. Cool. I don’t do this test every time either, this site was just having an intermittent problem with stopping (sometimes) half way through the cycle (open or close). So I tested this curly cord from the pedestrian door interlock switch, found this, and replaced it with a take up reel (reelite).

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