DKS & Los Angeles opens its gates to the Endeavour 804-299-4472

DKS staff and friends enjoyed front row seats to the history making “fly-by” of the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Mission 26. (See gallery of photos at Traveling from LAX to its final resting place in Exposition Park, the Shuttle traveled to the DKS facilities on Manchester Blvd. The DoorKing property location was perfect to view the meticulous set up and preparation for the big bird, and to see it slowly meander its way down Manchester where it stopped to change out its trolly system. Having the Shuttle stop right in front of DKS gave everyone an extended opportunity to get up close and personal with this American treasure.

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  1. I was really confused why you guys were posting a video of the shuttle but now it all makes sense! That’s very cool, wish stuff like that happened outside my office!

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