DKS: Maximum Security – Port of Long Beach & USA Border 804-299-4472

DKS: Max Securty – Port of Long Beach & USA Border
The DKS Series of vehicular slide gate operators are designed for use on very large and very heavy gates in maximum security applications only. Rather than rely on a friction drive rail system that can be difficult to install, often slip in inclement weather or can be easily compromised, DKS maximum security gate operators use a high tensile steel alloy #80 roller chain to provide a direct mechanical connection to the gate. The 9500 Series operators feature a solid-state speed control module that starts and stops the gate slowly. The operating speed of the gate is user adjustable (up to 4-ft/sec) making this operator ideal for security sensitive areas where perimeter security must be maintained.

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  1. Very, very impressive. Nice to see your operators over at the border too. Keep up the great job you guys are doing.

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