DKS Tech Tips: DoorKing Access Plus Account Manager Software – Installing the Software 804-299-4472

Learning how to use DoorKing’s Access Plus Account Manager Software? Tune in to our DKS Tech Tips video series to quickly and easily start programming your Access Plus Control System.

What you’ll learn in this video: How to install DoorKing’s Access Plus Account Manager Software.

Looking for the link to download your Software?

What DKS models can you program with this software:
1802 Access Plus, 1808 Access Plus, 1810 Access Plus, 1812 Access Plus, and 1838 Access Plus Telephone Entry and Access Control Systems.

What the Remote Account Manager Software does:
Program your Access Plus entry system from anywhere, create new accounts, program security and permission levels, card and transmitter numbers, hold open time zones, holiday schedules, elevator control functions, and more.

Learn more at the DKS website:

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