Donates $3,200 Glen Foerd Mansion


glen foerd rose garden
glen foerd rose garden

Glen Foerd on the Delaware is a historic and widely recognizable estate located in the Torresdale neighborhood of Philadelphia.  This eloquent mansion serves as a historical landmark in the Philadelphia area and is a popular destination for newlyweds to celebrate their special day. With eighteen acres of rare and stunning scenery lies the formal rose garden.  Northeast Fence & Iron Works jumped at the opportunity when news arrived that a new fence was needed for the garden.  Northeast Fence has long been an advocate for providing their services to better the community and serve as a benefactor to perform humanitarian projects.  What could better compliment a beautiful rose garden dating back 300 years than a rustic, post and rail wood fence? Northeast Fence decided to foot the bill of $3,200 to install the alluring new fence, doing their part in contributing to this historical landmark. Don’t overlook this luxurious mansion when shopping around for venues for that special day.



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