DoorKing 9150 Install 804-299-4472

An installation of a sliding gate automation project I did recently. Products: DoorKing 9150 – 115V 1PH 1HP Operator, DoorKing 8055 MicroPLUS receiver, (2) MillerEdge MGS-20 safety edges with Linear MC3022 wireless transmitters, and (2) sets of EMX IRB-325 infra-red safety-eyes.

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  1. Yep, that’s right. I never said I was bragging about any of these products. I didn’t supply any of them (gate, operator, or access control). I was just hired to install the operator and accessories. Customer installed all the fencing, posts, and gates himself but was over his head on the electronics. The support posts were sub-par strength wise in my opinion, and I advised him of that. The gates weren’t properly levelled, I advised him of that as well. I don’t think I had installed the antenna for the receiver yet and they had a large transformer nearby for temporary power which was why the transmitter range was poor. That resolved itself when the construction was completed with proper permanent power. Lastly, I personally prefer DC motors or VFD operators for commercial gate applications, but again, I didn’t supply these. My videos are intended to be informative, not product endorsements (unless I specifically say that I like this product).

  2. That being said, I do like the DOORKING product line, but this one didn’t run that well due to the gate installation issues. However, I haven’t had a call back for this one yet and I installed it 2½ years ago (yes I suggested a maintenance contract, he didn’t approve it).

  3. Great video Kyle. By the way, I have seen your work and you certainly have bragging rights in my opinion!

  4. *Works great.>>>**** Easy to install. Does what it says it will do, unlike most Washington politicans. The only downside is the low voltage wire can’t be spliced. Our dogs dug up the freshly laid wire and severed it. Called tech support and was told it can’t be spliced. I did and it worked but he stated it would not last. Keeping fingers crossed.*

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