FAAC B680H barrier | Installation 804-299-4472

Installation video for the new B680H barrier
No major maintenance is required up to 2 million cycles. The system is suitable for vehicular and pedestrian access because it features an adjustable electronic anticrushing safety, a device that guarantees reversing on obstacle detection, stopping and locking of the beam in any position, and a convenient manual release for use in case of black-out or inefficiency in addition to an optional battery backup. One single model covers the range of 1 to 8,3 meters beam and left/right hand installation, with high selectable opening speed from 1,5 seconds for 2m beams to less than 6 seconds for 8m beams. The switching power supply and the power management grant a high energy efficient system.

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  1. This is a garbage Operator , the best part of it is that the factory does not back up the equipment that they sale , i installed one and the board went burned in front of the costumer , the dealer said was a surge and i had to buy another mother board , when they sent the new board the built in loop detectors did not recognized the ground loop, i called them and they said that their board just work under certain frequency thats the reason why it did not recognized the loop , when i asked them why in the another board recognized and on the new one did not they answer that their board are pick, had to buy two loop detector and install . GUESS WHAT I INSTALL ABOUT MORE THEN 30 OPERATOR IN THE ENTIRE NORTHEAST I WILL BE PICK AND DONT INSTALL FAAC TOO , GARBAGE UNIT , GARBAGE SEVICE

  2. *Works as advertised. The magnetic stops are great.>>>**t.co/afIclHFNJ5** Has all the hardware needed. I bought the same gate opener for the back gate and both are in place and working good.*

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