FAAC S450 Swing Gate Operator Installation 804-299-4472

S450 24v hydraulic operator for residential and condominium swing leaf gates with a single-leaf maximum length up to 3m (SB) and 2m (CBAC)

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  1. Hi yah,i found  an actuator like this, but i got lots of question, i hope you can assist me.. ITs faac 422
    1- there are wires inside, green- ground, black, blue and brown., which one is closing and which is open?
    2- can i plug in this to 220vac
    3- how to pump new oil inside the cylinder..

    1. Thank you for your comment. You would be best to contact the FAAC technical team at your local subsidiary. If you are based in the UK you can contact the technical team on 01256 318 111. If you are outwith the UK please visit http://www.faacgroup.com and go to Local Services to find your closest subsidiary.

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