Full view acrylic overhead doors with GDI operators 804-299-4472

(2) 12’2” x 14’0” Upwardor AL-76 full view aluminum doors, custom powder coated with 1/8” clear acrylic glazing. GDI JDMG operators one installed as a jackshaft to an auxiliary trolley with a 90° axial brake and chain hoist assembly. New traffic lights. New 6’ MillerEdge MLC-K72 monitored light curtains. New ASO 10k Ohm resistive wireless reversing edges with EMX WEL-200k transmitters and receivers. Existing Linear AP-5 receivers and Earthquake Sensors to open and close the doors. Automated exhaust and heater systems controlled by programmable outputs to relays in the GDI Control Panels.

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