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WAVE is a fully scalable VMS platform designed for users to create video
surveillance solutions for anyone regardless of device for a simple, reliable,
customizable experience. Whether you are a small or large end user the WAVE VMS
platform offers a variety of features that could help take your organization to
the next level in security.

Key features include:

  • Multiple desktop
    client instances
  • Fisheye Camera
  • Cross Platform
  • Advanced PTZ
  • Smart Motion
  • Server Health Monitoring
  • Digital Mapping
  • Storage Analytics
  • Complete Integration
    with Hanwha’s X-series camera line

Why would you consider using WAVE? First and foremost, its’ intuitive software
allows users to navigate easily. From installation to setup and sharing,
simplicity is key. Heavy and complicated workstations are not needed. It is
efficient from the moment of installation to how quick the process is from
start to finish.

Reliability is also key with regards to a
security surveillance solution. You do not want any footage to be lost or key
instances not be recorded. It is full of features to capture and record, with
multi-server redundant failover and ready to use in a few short
moments from install.

The server application works for Microsoft Windows
and Linux Ubuntu and the client application works on Windows, Linux Ubuntu and
Apple macOS. Manage and view video with the simple click into any one of these

Interested in learning
more about Hanwha WAVE and how it could benefit your organization? Visit www.AccessSecurity.com or call
215-443-8600 to talk to a member of our sales team.


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