High-Traffic Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup 804-299-4472


This video shows some of the new detailed features of LiftMaster’s High-Traffic Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup. CSW24V comes with a Battery Backup System that provides uninterrupted access when the power is out, it provides 2x the range of standard remote controls, has a wireless dual gate communication that prevents driveway scars and expensive wiring and of course comes with our newest Security 2.0+. It’s also MyQ enabled!

Get more information on CSW24V here: http://bit.ly/FPVO8e

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7 Replies to “High-Traffic Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup 804-299-4472”

  1. @Liftmaster1280 I hear you, Jason. I will try to push to make it happen, so you guys can see the 3860 in action. Fingers crossed, right?

  2. I need to know if it can be program to open each leaf separately in the case of an apartment complex. Example use one leaf for entry and the other for exit. You could respond to me here or email me at sup.electronics@gmail.com

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  4. *Works great. Just what I expected.>>>**t.co/Lu0NWDSMJD** It only opens the gate and will keep it open for multiple cars. I wired it all to the opener instead of straight to the battery as the instructions show. Very sensitive buried 1′.*

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