How To Do a Garage Door Safety Test 804-299-4472

Don’t Chance It. Check It.

Give your garage door a checkup. You may not be able to see or hear it, but your garage door may not be operating properly, or even safely. Don’t chance it. Check it with these 3 easy steps. For more information on garage door safety, visit

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5 Replies to “How To Do a Garage Door Safety Test 804-299-4472”

  1. I still have garage door openers with no safety sensors… The Pressure Reverse Switch is good enough for me…

  2. Lift master, my safety reverse when it closed on a one inch piece of wood it won’t return back up. It will sit on it. How do I fix it?

  3. The problem here is that if a child was sitting there instead of that piece of wood, they would be hit by the door coming down before it would retract and go back up. My friend has a Patent for a system that stops BEFORE making contact with whatever.

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