How to Install an Automatic Gate Opener Properly?


A lot of homeowners are investing in automatic gates for maximum security and protection. But it goes without saying that an automatic gate can’t function without its gate opener. Now the question is, should you install an automatic gate opener on your own? Or, is it best to rely on a professional? Before making a decision, here’s an automatic gate opener installation guide that you can refer to.

A Step By Step Guide To Automatic Gate Opener Installation

Step One – Properly Install the Gate

Your gate first needs to be installed at the perfect level. If you have two gates, be sure to hang them evenly. You can use a spirit level gauge to check the gate’s level. Make sure your gate is centered. Of course, it also shouldn’t be too low or too high.

Step Two – Unbox the Automatic Gate Opener

If you’ve recently purchased the gate opener, unbox it and double-check that everything was included. There should be clamps, bolts, screws, a controller box, a remote, and a gate opener arm. If you purchased a gate opener that operates on solar power, you should also find a small solar panel and a battery box in the set.

Step Three – Connect and Test the Controller Box

Before installing your gate opener, it’s important to understand its functions. Begin by connecting the arm to the controller box. Then, connect the controller box to a power source. You can also test the arm to visualize how the gate opener actually works.

Step Four – Install the Gate Opener Arm

Now, it’s time to install the gate opener arm. The arm can function in two ways: “push to close,” or “pull to close.” Generally, it’s possible to install your gate opener in either way. First, fix one or two clamps on the gate posts. The clamps should be situated in the middle of the gate post. After that, you can install the gate opener arm.

The clamps on the gate post will hold the gate opener arm’s rear side, and the mouth of the gate opener arm will hold the gate. Install the gate opener carefully and make sure that both clamps and the mouth are tightly attached to the gate.

Step Five – Install and Power Up the Controller Box

The next step is to install the controller box. Use some screws to install the controller box on the gate post and connect it to the gate opener arm. If you have a battery box or a solar panel, you’ll need to install it on the gate post as well. Then, connect the solar panel and the battery box to the controller panel.

Some automatic gate openers support direct electricity or AC that allows you to connect the power source to the controller box. Now, you can run the entire system.

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Step Six – Set Up the Controller Box

The controller box needs some final touches. Open the controller box and set the open/close limit. Feel free to set your automatic gate’s “open and close” timing. Your controller box may have more functions, so check them out, too.

Step Seven – Run the Automatic Gate Opener

Finally, your gate is ready. Just press the remote, and your gate will automatically open and close whenever you need it.

Seamlessly Installing an Automatic Gate Opener

It’s possible to install an automatic gate opener on your own if you follow the right guide. Expect it to take you anywhere from three to five hours to complete the process.

Or, if you’d prefer to have your automatic gate opener installed professionally, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our team at Los Gatos Iron Works. We can help you choose the best automatic gate for your property. Our skilled professionals can also set up your new system. Contact us today to get started!


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