How to Program LiftMaster Timer-To-Close Feature 804-299-4472

When was the last time you entered your home with your hands so full, you couldn’t close the garage door behind you. When you use the times-to-close feature on your LiftMaster garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about that ever again. This convenient feature closes you garage door after a predetermined time interval that you set. Found on a LiftMaster 880LM Smart Control Panel and 881LM Motion-Detecting Control Panel with Timer-To-Close.

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21 Replies to “How to Program LiftMaster Timer-To-Close Feature 804-299-4472”

  1. I can totally see me forgetting I have the timer set and being locked out of my house…. 92% of the time. But I’m special like that. cool system though, much better than the shit the new Genies have. Also, I just noticed the desgin of the opener looks like the old Chamberlin 555. Nice. I approve. *knods head in approvement*

  2. @liftmasterpro I was just curious about the smart control panels. Why aernt they compatible with Chamberlain openers with MyQ? And I believe the same is for the visor remotes. Check out my garage door on my channel.

  3. this is great! because of this feature: don”t neeed to worry about closing it and can be installed on a smartphone like apple and all other brands

  4. Wondering if this will work with any older chamberlain opener too. Is the timer built in the control panel?

    1. +barb GM I was confused on the single door comment in the manual. I thought that meant one large door vs a 2 separate grade doors. I finally figured out it meant the single doors are one huge solid door vs individual panel on rollers. When the installed my it was off and was never activated. If you find the answer let me know as well.

  5. I bought a Sears Garage door & opener. I have the Assurelink, I did not need the TTC feature turn on but I did it by accident. I have called everyone at Sears and they will not talk to me., they just want to send a person for $85 to fix it. I told them that I just want to turn off the TTC. They still want to send service person. I refuse to pay for it, it is a DIY task. This should be in the manual. PERIOD!!!! Comments please for help.

    1. +barb GM Hello Barb,

      I apologize that you have had some difficulty finding the answer on how to turn off the Timer-to-Close(TTC) feature. I will be happy to assist you in getting this taken care of. Here are the steps to turn off TTC based off which door control panel you have. If you have already tried these steps or if you have any problems with these steps, please send us an email at Please include YouTube in the subject line of your email.

      If you have the Smart Control Panel (similar to the 880LM in the video):

      1. Press Menu.
      2. Scroll down to TTC.
      3. If TTC is on, you will see the option to turn it off. Press the side arrow(Enter). Note: If TTC is off, you will see the option to turn if on.
      4. You will get a message that states, Door will not attempt to close. Press Enter.
      5. Press Exit.

      If you have the Motion Detecting Control Panel with TTC (similar to the 881LM in the video):

      1. Lift up the push button.
      2. Press and hold the Off button until the TTC lights turn off.

    2. I went back out and tried it again and it worked. It does not have TTC feature enabled any longer. I must have missed it when I tried to find it before.
      Thank you For your Video.

  6. I only want the timer to close feature. I do not want the gateway or the garage door to be accessible via wi-fi is that possible?

    1. +evadesc, The timer to close feature is standard on most openers; the product manual will list this feature if available, it also works separately so you do not need MyQ to be setup in order for it to function. ^Yolanda, LiftMaster Social Media Team

    2. +LiftMaster there seems to be quite a few complaints about the 888LM wall panel lasting about two years before it breaks and incurs a electrical shortage that causes the door to open on Amazon’s Review section. Is this normal for a replacement wall panel and is it better to get a whole new unit?

  7. Hi, I have this feature on my motor, but every now and then kinda get’s dis-configured. It does not happen like the most popular scenario (doors don’t close), it keeps working normally as if the sensors we not installed. The guy that installed it comes and re-configure (charging for the service), and the last time he said that by installing the wall control I would be able to re-configure. Time has come where I have to do it and the instructions he provided don’t work (pressing several times the lock button, to add increments to the auto close time). I’m using the 78lm wall control and I spent quite few hrs. and can’t find videos or manual instructions.

    Make’s me think I got ripped (by the installing guy), as I believe this wall control does not have this Timer-to-close set up ability.

    Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong and thanks in advance!

    1. Hi M4633 – In order to determine what the issue is we will need to know the model number of your garage door opener. The model number is located under the front light cover of the motor head. If your lights are on the sides of the motor head, it’s located under the light cover on the opposite side as the hanging antenna wire.

  8. I have purchased Liftmaster 880lm Smart Control Panel but it didn’t seem to operate with LiftMaster formul1 … the engine doesn’t seem to respond to the push button. Do I need to press or program the learn button?

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