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  1. I did. Turns out it was about a 1,000 foot run for the access control (each way). So, we had serious voltage drop. This operator uses a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with a reversing contactor, and the open circuit put 24V to the coil of the open side of the contractor. BUT, because of the 2,000 feet of 16ga wire, we had too much voltage drop (11.2VAC I think) to allow the contactor to pull in properly.

    Solution 1: Use all 6 pairs of 16/2 stranded shielded wire for access control – WORKING

  2. Solution 2 (If that one fails): MMTC LDM-1 (Long Distance Module). This is basically a booster designed for this purpose of long runs of access control wiring to operators with reversing contractors.

    My other idea (untested) was to push 24VAC through the access control wiring to a 12VAC relay in the operator, then use a set of contacts to fire the open circuit. With the voltage drop giving me about 11.2VAC to the 12VAC relay, I think it would have worked!!!! Not really recommended though.

  3. Wow that is a long run for 16/2 wire. That would have been a creative fix with the 12v coil relay. Do u think with that coil would have lasted with being fired many times being under powered? I’ve used booster modules for long push button runs.

  4. I didn’t know they made one for line voltage as well. Was pulling maybe 12/2 or 10/2 wire an option?

  5. Back to the booster, New OHD operators actually support 1000′ plus 3 button station runs straight from the factory. Are u familiar with OHD operators?

  6. Ya, I think the 12V relay probably would have been fine because thats about the voltage it would be getting. Obviously that’s not the ideal solution, but, when you’re in a remote area and need a fix, crazy shit works out sometimes…

  7. Ya, a heavier gauge wire would have done the trick too. There’s a formula for it depending on the voltage, amperage, and length of run. I think in this case it ended up being like 6 or 8 gauge wire. But, the wire was run underground by another company, so I didn’t want to pull new wire.

  8. I’ve done a little bit of research on the OHD operators. Not a lot. Just enough to get them into my iPhone app in case I have to service them at some point. I don’t think that even our local OHD Co. sells them, so, we never come across them.

  9. Yeah I agree with u DPDT relays have gotten me out of many situations. As u said crazy shit usually works every time!

  10. I work for an OHD banner dealer I love there ops! Especially the older ones but the newer x series ops are nice machines. If u ever get in a bind with any OHD product let me know! I have all the old schematics which are really hard to find. Lots of add on schematics for accessories which really come in handy on the ancient stuff

  11. Ya, I don’t touch resi any more. Our local banner company doesn’t sell the commercial unit either. Or at least they didn’t, maybe they do now.

  12. Resi work is just terrible I hate it. I’ve been doing commercial for over 8 years now. I started in residential at 18 then went to commercial at about 24 I think. I’m 32 now so that sounds about right.

  13. The new x series units are really bad ass. I suggest u check them out if u can. I gotta start filming jobs like u do.

  14. That’s hilarious. I’m almost the exact same!! I started full time at 17 or 18, went to commercial at about 24, and am 32 now. Damn!! 33 next month though… Oh ya, I got sidetracked from that VFD trolley op today, but am doing it tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post a before and after vid. Cheers bud.

  15. I’ve seen them at the IDA Expos. They do look nice. We’re getting a pretty good deal on the Lynx product and have very little problems with it, so, I doubt I could convince the boss to switch. Also, he got fired from OHD about 20 years ago, so there’s some animosity there…

  16. Ok this is getting scary we’re like brothers haha. To be exact I grew up in the biz. I started everyday after school I would go with a guy to help him install resi doors and ops at 16. Then at 17 I was doing resi ops and light service on my own when I was a senior in HS. Then at 18 I was on my own all day everyday. I will actually be 32 on aug 3 so u got me by about a year.

  17. Where do u go to IDA events? I go to Vegas every 2 years for it. I just changed out an old lynx last week but they are real rare here in so. California. My bro has a door biz in ohio and lynx are all over there. I can understand ur boss not wanting to switch but they are real nice to install and very reliable. I just don’t care for liftmaster anymore I liked there mechanical units but since they went to all solid state stuff I just don’t care much for them.

  18. I go to the IDA Expo every year. This year was in Nashville. I got my Master Tech this year in Nashville and hosted one of the educational seminars in front of about 500 people (scary). I’ll be in Vegas next year!!

    I agree about the Liftmaster units. The Lynx ones we use now use a UL325 logic board, but we also order them with a reversing contactor so that the motor amperage is not going through the dinky little relays on the board. Works great!! Easy to troubleshoot.

  19. Holy shit!!!! My birthday is Aug 3, 1980. So I got you by exactly 1 year. THAT IS SCARY!! My dad owned a garage door biz before I was born, so he jokes that instead of a baby rattle, they gave me a 2″ roller and that I have 32 years of experience, going on 33.

  20. Wtf this is getting weird hah. Some of my earliest memories are my dad dragging 6” springs everywhere. What is the master tech? About 5 years ago I did the commercial sectional and rolling door certs which were stupid easy. I would have loved to go to the Nashville and Indy shows but I’m not that lucky. We get to go to the Vegas one every time tho. We gotta meet up next year!

  21. The OHD ops are the same also but they use a DPTT mechanical relay to control the open/close and on our 3ph stuff they are all reversing contactors mounted straight to the board

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