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Need some help attaching monitored photo eyes and edge sensors to a HySecurity gate? Since HySecurity gate operators use software to control gate movement, contacts, and accessories, the changeover to
monitored sensors is simple. In fact, the ability to monitor sensors has always been an available Installer Menu item.

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    1. Programming for remotes is not completed directly on the HySecurity gate operator itself. Instead, there is an auxiliary radio receiver box/antenna that has been wired to your gate operator. This auxiliary radio receiver box is typically installed right inside of the gate operator and will have an antenna connected to it. Can you identify the manufacture/model of the radio receiver box that you are using? Common manufactures might be Linear/Tri-Code/Multi-Code/LiftMaster/DoorKing/Delta.

  1. That was a very helpful video! Thank you, John Allen, for helping me with my first Slidesmart15DC install. I wish I had you on speed dial.

  2. John, this video is very helpful. Thank you. Can I adapt what you have shown to install a GSM? I have a GSM I would like to install so I can open the gate with my phone am not sure what to connect it to.

    1. The relay for opening devices, such as a GSM, would be attached to the RADIO OPEN terminal and COM terminal on the main board. This is not the same terminals described in this video for attachig entrapment protection devices.

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