Iron Security Gate Installation: How Control Systems Work?


Iron security gates aren’t just loved for their strength but also for the aesthetic appeal they add to a property. They are the best types of gates you need to enhance your security, especially when you combine them with an access control system. If you choose the right system to install on the gate, you will have more convenience in terms of opening and closing the gate, as well as a system that performs optimally for years to come.

How Access Control Systems Work

All electronic access control systems are made with four main components. Namely, the tag, which is also the key, the controller, the reader, and the lock. The tag is the key that is used to unlock the gate, which is connected to the control server. You can choose a wired or wireless connection, depending on your location and your resources. Either way, you’ll have great security and access control. The reader is responsible for detecting the key that has been used on the gate, while the controller determines whether the information provided by the reader is correct. It then ensures that appropriate action is taken on the lock.

Iron security gates are also made with panels that stand between the user and the control server. When someone uses the right access key on the gate, the panel informs the server that determines whether the key is the right one or not. The server then sends a signal to the panel, which triggers the lock to open, or remain closed.

Locks come in different designs that you can select depending on the gate you have. You can choose a lock fitted with a swinging opener or one with an automatic gear. The swinging lock moves to one side to open the gate and stays in that position for a specified amount of time, after which it moves in the opposite direction to close the gate. The sliding lock is usually connected to a rack that is attached to the gate. When it receives the signal to open, the gear slides in one direction, and the rack moves the gate to open it. It stays there for a specific duration before the gear sides back, and the gate closes.

Iron Security Gates and Safety

Whether you select an automatic or manual system, iron gates are very secure. Iron gate security access control systems are made safer by installing sensors that can detect people and other objects on the gate. This ensures the gate doesn’t close accidentally when there’s something or someone in the way.

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Access Control System for Your Iron Gate

To ensure you get the most out of your access control system, you need to choose a compatible and reliable control panel. At Los Gatos Iron Works, we can help you select an access control system that matches your gate manufacturer’s specifications. The same power you use in your building will power the gate system, but you can also opt for a backup power source. Contact us at (408) 370-3742 for more information.


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