LifMaster MyQ App Video 804-299-4472

LiftMaster MyQ Technology to monitor or close your garage door or gate, from anywhere, anytime.

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6 Replies to “LifMaster MyQ App Video 804-299-4472”

  1. Great! It tells me everything it can do without giving a single clue as to how to set it up.Brilliant!

  2. Greg, if you’re looking for installation video, search for “LiftMaster Internet Gateway Installation Video” on our channel.

  3. It would be nice that when I buy a $1600 garage door and Lift Master, that has the MyQ, that I need not send in my receipt and wait 6 weeks to get the gateway. I paid for it when they put it in, this isn’t a rebate. You’ve got the Iphone App, but its useless without the gateway. Very disappointed that the gateway is not included AT INSTALL.

  4. I live in an apartment complex with detached/remote garages. They installed a Liftmaster 7675, which has MyQ. This model is not compatible with my car’s Homelink, so now that doesn’t work. This wasn’t the end of the world because I need to take the remote into the house, but apparently these new systems are super sensitive–the remote can open the gate from further away than the old model. This might seem great when someone is driving up to their garage, so they don’t have to wait as long for it to open, but it isn’t great if you are constantly concerned you bumped the button and opened the garage. Several times I have gone out to the garage to find it open. I now hold the remote very carefully as I walk to my unit then I carefully stow the remote in an area where the button can’t be accidentally touched. This seems ridiculous.

    I also can’t use the MyQ app to open the garage because my garage is detached. If I could get wifi to the garage then maybe I could get it to work with the purchase of their hubs or bridges, but I can’t because my apartment doesn’t have line of sight to the garage (other units are in the way), and I can’t install outdoor repeaters because it isn’t my building. Moreover, all the aftermarket bluetooth garage door openers seem to be incompatible with the yellow program button on these models. Pretty lame if you ask me.

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