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  1. My gate won’t close. Just only little bit and open again. I’ve checked wires. System is 2 weeks old working fine until today. No error codes. Any suggestion? La500

    1. That’s weird that you wouldn’t see an error code for this type of problem. Are you able to watch the main control board while the gate attempts to close? Perhaps the code is flashing only when in motion? Also, keep an eye out for any other lights, or LEDs, that might turn on when the gate stops and reverses.

    2. If you are still not seeing the cause, I would start with looking at the gate panel itself. Turn the power off to the operator and manually release the actuator arm. Attempt to move the gate panel close and open; does it bind up at all or is it hard to move? May be an issue with the operator requiring to much force to have to move the gate panel.

    3. A photo eye, or edge sensor, may also be causing the gate not to close. A photo eye can be triggered falsely if it has any built-up condensation, or dust on the lens.

  2. My gate won”t open and the code is showing 93 which means something is blocking the gate. But nothing is blocking the gate. what can I do?

    1. The gate/fence panel should be able to move freely and easily without any assistance from the gate operator. Try turning the power off to the gate operator, use your key to release the arm actuator, and try moving the gate panel back and forth. It should move freely without binding. If you struggle moving your gate panel, your gate operator is going to struggle. This may be causing the error code you see.

      This could also be a problem with the Absolute Position Encoder, or APE. You can check the wiring on this piece to make sure it is all still intact, but most likely this piece needs to be replaced. The APE is located inside the actuator arm and diagnosis and repair should be done by a qualified gate technician.

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