3 Replies to “Liftmaster – Error Code 70 thru 75 – Gate Operator Troubleshooting 804-299-4472”

    1. Sounds like there is an issue with your photo eye, or edge sensor, attached to this gate. Make sure that the photo eye is properly aligned, and that the edge sensor is not in contact with any objects. If both of these check out okay, make sure all the wiring for the photo eye and edge sensor is tight and secure in the appropriate screw down terminals. The error code will continue to display until the gate operator receives an opening signal. If the error code still does not go away, there may be a problem with your photo eyes, edge sensors, or the main board of your gate operator.

    2. thanks. It might be an issue w/ the photo eye or main board. The photo eye was displaying neither a blue light nor a red light. Once I manually closed the gate using the ‘test’ button on the board, the code went away. Very weird.

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