LiftMaster – How to Program Mini Universal Remote Model 374UT 804-299-4472

This universal two-button remote will allow you to control two different gate operators, or overhead doors, with a single transmitter. Programming this remote to work with your operator is quick with type “learn” type programming.

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  1. My garage door remote is lost. My garage door opener was installed in 1992. Will this remote still be applicable?

    1. This remote is to be used with door openers manufactured after 1993, that also utilize photoelectric sensors (or photo eyes). The door opener must also have a “Learn” button on the operator itself in order to program this particular remote.

      It doesn’t sound like this is the right one for you. What make/model door opener do you have? I’d be happy to locate the correct transmitter for you.

  2. I have a 2007 Liftmaster garage door opener and purchased this 374UT as a replacement remote. I’ve attempted to program it several times with the instructions provided, but am unable to make the connection. Are there any troubleshooting instructions? I’m not able to read an opener model number, but the learn/program button is a light purple and on the opposite side of the plastic light cover.

    1. Suzy Whitten that’s the same problem and model door opener I have. Did you ever figure it out? I just can’t get it to work

    2. Mines doing the exact same thing! Tried for an hour following directions perfectly. Any advice would be appreciated?

  3. I have the 374ut mini opener. I do not have a learn button on our gate operator. How can I program this opener for my gate?

    1. Unfortunately, the 374UT remotes only work with operators, or receivers that have a learn button. You will need to use a replacement remote that has programming DIP switches. Those switches in the remote will have to match the switches inside of your operator.

      Or, you could buy a radio receiver with a learn button, like the LiftMaster STAR1000. This receiver would get installed inside of your operator, and wired to the open input.

  4. I tired for hours to get this remote to work. I even reset my garage code and taught the other remote with no problem. I just can’t get this to work. My learn button is purple and it is from 1995 so it should work 🙁

    1. Total Security Warehouse yes my door has an electric eyes ( photo sensors )and yes the LED does blink correctly. I programmed another remote and it worked. I’ll try again

    2. Err, frustrating. It’s possible that you have a bad remote (not sure if the remote that you were able to successfully program was the same model as the one we are having problems with). LiftMaster technical support, 800-323-2276, should have a better answer for you.

    3. Total Security Warehouse i appreciate your reply. I got it on Amazon and sometimes their items can be faulty for sone reason. I reset the code on my door again this evening and followed the instructions. The LED light blinked at the right time but instead of my door moving ( then you hit one of the buttons to lock in the code) my garage light was clicking on and off. Who knows, maybe I just don’t have the DIY gene. I’ll try again when the weather is better. It’s been raining. Thank you!

    4. I bought my remote on Liftmaster website and its doing the exact same thing your describing. Even garage light blinking at times like you mentioned but it just wont connect!

    5. J. Sanchez i never figured out the problem. I gave up after about 10 tries. I just took my husbands old garage door opener.

  5. The video should really tell you that if your garage door opener has two functions such as an interior lite on /off control, the programming could possibly take several seconds longer. In my case within the 1st 10 seconds the Lite cycles off, if I allow the unit to continue to program it take roughly another 30 seconds through several different codes before the door starts to open. I would stop the process when the lite activated, finally I decided to wait until the garage door moved. it was not nearly as long as the frustration during several days and attempts.

  6. I have a Overhead Door Odyssey 1000 and I could not get this remote to work with it. I tried everything. Anyone have any suggestions?

    1. Sorry to hear about your programming issues. A copy of the manual for your overhead door can be found at the link below; may have some additional info for you.

      It sounds like your overhead door only has a 30 second window to complete this programming after selecting the Programming button, make sure that you are inside of this window. It also suggests that you are at least 5′ away from the operator.

      Make sure the light on your new transmitter goes on when you press the button. If the light does not come on, or even if it seems dim, you may want to change the battery. This item may have sat on the distributors shelf for a long time before being delivered to you.

      You can also find a manual for the transmitter below with some additional details. Hope this helps!

  7. *Great gate opener>>>**** we bought ours about 6 years ago and it has never need anything but grease on the chain. I am having trouble with the range of the remotes lately but I believe the receiver unit on the opener was damaged during an electric storm. It still works but not from very far away. I would highly recommend this product……..*

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