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  1. thank you for choosing liftmaster? is there another choice out there? please tell me so I can trash my piece of crap lemon liftmaster and buy it!

    1. There are a lot of choices out there for automatic gate operators. It is critical to choose the right operator for your application, and equally important that it is installed and maintained properly.

      Could you share what is happening with your LiftMaster?

    2. my Liftmaster gate opener is 4 years old. It stops working for one reason or another and I pay $500 to get it working again. I have to go through this every year for the past 4 years. I finally quit and just leave it closed and park on the street. I cringe when I hear the word liftmaster. What’s wrong with it? It doesn’t work. I change the batteries, reprogram, mess with limits etc. I really hate this machine.

  2. Cant get the gate to open. its shows code 57.Cant get the remotes to work. I have a SL3000 .Who do I call?

    1. An error code 57 is indicating a Limit Error and/or Stuck Switch. Take a look at the operators limit switches, cables to and from the limit switches, and the connections between the cables and limit switches.

      You can locate a servicing dealer here, https://www.liftmaster.com/locate-a-dealer, but a good gate operator technician can sometimes be hard to find. The American Fence Association, http://www.americanfenceassociation.com/, and the North American Fence Contractors Association, http://4nafca.com/, also provide leads to qualified technicians.

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