LiftMaster – How Users Interact with the IPAC Telephone Entry System 804-299-4472

The IPAC touch screen provides three options for guests and residents: Directory (guest searches for a resident in order to call), Directory Code (guest calls resident with a provided code), and Access Code (guest or resident uses PIN to open entrance).

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  1. My community has has issues with the SIP trunk phone line. Has any other community experienced issues with the system completing the Internet based calls with this device?

    1. The IPAC model was not around for long (it was replaced by the model CAPXL recently) so there were not a lot of field installations of this unit. Your particular problem sounds like there may be a problem with your VoIP provider. Are you able to explain a bit more about your issues, when they are happening, does it ever work correctly, and other details that concern you about the errors?

    2. Total Security Warehouse With , they did not have callerId. We moved over to Since moving over to, sometimes the 9 doesn’t open the gate or the call Disconnects.

    3. I’ve even test tried grasshopper and nextvidia without success. I’m at my wit’s end why it does not accept the 9 or disconnects calls intermittently.

    4. Call your provider and ask what options they may have to correct issues with DTMF.  They may be able to change the setting to Inband to see if that helps

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