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  1. *Works great even buried under new 4″ thick driveway.>>>**t.co/Lu0NWDSMJD** Picks up my riding mower and even my little metal pull cart when taking out trash, very helpfull.*

    1. Your new RSL12UL, Slide Gate Operator needs to have a photo eye and/or edge sensor wired to the main control board or the operator will not run. Do you have a working photo eye and/or edge sensor attached to your gate operator? This sounds like it could be your problem.

    2. ​+Jorge Zuniga What light is blinking, what does it say on the board next to the light?

      If you have a CLOSE EYES/INTERRUPT, CLOSE EDGE, or OPEN EYES/EDGE light blinking, the light is telling you that this input is active on the secondary gate in a bi-parting gate system. Do you have a bi-parting gate system, or two gates working as one?

      What does the Diagnostic display say? It may be display a 2-digit error code number.

    3. +Jorge Zuniga What does it say exactly next to the light that is blinking?
      Do you have two gate operators (bi-parting gates)?

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