LiftMaster Partner Cast Q4 2023 804-299-4472

Watch our Q4 LiftMaster Partner Cast as we unfold the latest updates and innovations from LiftMaster.

Our agenda for the session includes:
– Q4 Business Update: Gain insights into our recent performance and strategies to close the year strong.
– Residential Update
– Industrial Gate Portfolio Spotlight: Dive deep into our gate portfolio and uncover the latest enhancements and standout features.
– New MAXUM Commercial Door Operators: Get a comprehensive overview of the latest innovation in commercial door operator solutions and how they can benefit your commercial access business.

0:00 – 6:33 Q4: Intro – Business Update
6:33 – 13:30 Q4: Video Keypad Approach – Partner Rewards Offer
13:30-23:00 Q4: What’s New with myQ & Video
23:00-35:32 Q4: Spotlight on Gates
35:32-54:54 Q4: New MAXUM Commercial Door Operators
54:54-59:50 Q4: Closing Remarks

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