4 Replies to “Lynx MCJH Hoist operator to auxiliary trolley with secondary shaft assembly 804-299-4472”

    1. +Nick’sGarageDoorService Yes it is! They wanted it this way so that they could have a chain hoist to operate the door manually in the event of a power failure, but we advised them against jackshaft style operators on standard lift doors. So this is where we ended up…

  1. Now this is a sweet Install!! There is a ton of add ons, plus the way the operator is set up is awesome! I bet this one took a bit to do. I know you didn’t install the door, I think who ever did should have spec’d the door out with a larger track radius. I couldn’t help but notice as the door is moving, it just seems to lurch as is rolling through the radius.

    1. Joe Powell that was actually because the door was damaged. I recommended replacing it upon completion of this project. They had us replace it within 2 weeks with an insulated door. I did two of these ops here, and yes it was a lot of work. I did all the conduits too (except power).

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