NEMA 4X Hoist operator install 804-299-4472

10’8″ x 11’3″ Clopay 3730 doors 3″ thick with 3″ reverse angle mounted tracks, about 60″ hi-lift. Micanan PRO-HHDXE NEMA 4X hoist operator with UL325 ECB (Electronic Control Board). Open/Close/Stop PBS, Fraba infrared safety eyes, MillerEdge AW-14 Air Wave safety edge, slide lock electrical interlock, and Linear AP-5 receiver.

6 Replies to “NEMA 4X Hoist operator install 804-299-4472”

  1. Okay Kyle… you’ve got to tell me where you get those interlock switches from. Sick of spending $40+ for the ones Service Spring makes.

    1. Nick’sGarageDoorService google “motor controls” or just try your local electrical supply houses. It’s just a spring action lever switch with a roller on the end. Shouldn’t be hard to find.

    2. Hmm, I’m having a hard time finding one that has a conduit fitting in the bottom. Any chance you can give me the part number when you have a minute?

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