Preventative Maintenance

In order to comply with ul325 standards, manufacturer recommendations and to maintain a reliable gate system, Preventative Maintenance is a must.

Virginia Gate’s preventative maintenance department provides scheduled service for gated entries and access controls that increase equipment life expectancy and assure reliability.

Our skilled technicians specialize in proactive services that promote longevity and prevent unnecessary repairs due to early detection. Brand names and serial numbers of all equipment serviced are stored in our database to expedite orders on future repairs. We stand behind the quality of our Preventative Maintenance work and are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Guidelines for Maintenance Schedules:

Over 45 cycles per day Every 2 Months
Up to 45 cycles per day Every 3 Months
Up to 30 cycles per day Every 4 Months
Up to 15 cycles per day Every 6 Months
Available Scheduled Programs

Contact us to learn more, and to schedule a preventative maintenance consultation today.

Listed below are a selection of the checks that are carried out by our engineers during a routine preventative maintenance inspection / service visit.

Automated Gates Preventative Maintenance Procedures:

Check general operation of system
Assess condition of driveway
Inspect structural state of gate support
Inspect cable ducts and access where possible
Inspect condition of gates
Check gate alignment and ground clearance
Inspect general condition of hinges, gate stops and other gate hardware
Grease hinges
Inspect operators for damage, wear etc.
Check operator mounting brackets and geometry
Assess performance of operators and clutch settings
Check manual release and locking performance
Check electrical connections, terminations and protection
Check earthing termination
Check condition and operation of all control equipment
Clean Audio Entry panel
Clean out foundation boxes and check drainage for under-gate operators
Check and if required, change batteries on Safety Edge and Photocell Transmitters
Highlight any areas of concern and provide appropriate recommendations
Check, affix and date service sticker


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