Programming the MAX Garage Door Remote Control 804-299-4472

LiftMaster is proud to deliver the next generation of garage door openers and accessories. The new MAX series of remote controls is easy to program and will work with all 315MHz or 390MHz LiftMaster garage door openers manufactured since January 1, 1993. In this video you will find programming instructions for:

– Model 895MAX Three Button Premium Remote Control
– Model 893MAX Three Button Visor Remote Control
– Model 890MAX Three Button Mini Remote Control

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37 Replies to “Programming the MAX Garage Door Remote Control 804-299-4472”

  1. @cyberlight22 That’s great! The important thing is that 8550 has MyQ, so it will work with all new accessories from this point on.

  2. To program the prius ..doesnt work. I will try again. Although we took the bulbs out cuz the sensor almost always leaves them on

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  4. Note to self: always go to YouTube.  The LiftMaster manual that came with my garage doors were poorly written, and do not reflect the steps taken in this video, which worked.

  5. Love how happy the guy is when the door starts opening.  Pretty sleek, simple programming system too.  Now I hope it works for me.

  6. Hi.  I have the 895Max but I can’t get the remote control to sync (learn).  I am following the exact same steps from the video but it doesn’t work.  (a) I push with a paper clip the side button on the remote control, all blue lights come up; (b) push the learn button (yellow) on the unit, a yellow light on the side on the learn button appears; (c) push on the remote control one of the I, II or III buttons on the remote control but nothing happens – unit light doesn’t blink like on the video (showing that learned).  I noticed that the blue lights on the remote control after my first push disappears. What am I doing wrong?

    1. +afvassis1 You have to press that remote button several times. I had the same problem. It wouldnt learn on one press. It took mine 4 times before it learned it.

    1. +Brian Osborn You have to press that remote button several times. I had the same problem. It wouldnt learn on one press. It took mine 4 times before it learned it.

    2. Thank you for your suggestion, sir; however, that’s not the issue. The learn lights on the remote and the opener turn off after the first push. It is therefore, out of learn mode, so I could push the button until the case cracks and nothing would change.

  7. por favor buenas noches necesito programar un control para un motor crasfman pero necesito el bidfo en español muchas gracias

  8. Make sure you start with your Garage Door Closed

    Step 1: Press your Garage Door program button on your remote.

    Step 2: Press & release the Smart/Learn button & the LED will light.

    Of course your system is now ready for programming.

    Step 3: On you Visor or Keychain/Compact remote Press & release the button on your remote that you to control the Garage Door.

    Step 4: Now if the Garage Door lightbulb doesn’t blink.
    Slowly press the remote control button again until you see the light blink.
    When it does blink do not press the button again.

    Step 5: Exit the programming mode by pressing any other remote control buttons on the remote.

    Step 6 (FINAL STEP):

    Press the program button on your remote control.
    Your Garage Door will Open.
    Programming is Complete!
    YAY! ???

  9. I’m pretty sure the liftmaster engineering team consist of Corky from the TV show life goes on and a drunk chimp.

  10. *We have had much better luck with the wired version of this than the wireless.>>>**** My husband installs these gates and sensors for customers and almost every wireless one has required return trips and calls to Mighty Mule to get the updated receiver. The wireless ones also have issues with interference. We much prefer the wired ones, little more work to bury the cable but well worth it in the long run.*

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