Smart Home Gadgets for Your Garage – LiftMaster MyQ 804-299-4472

A LiftMaster MyQ-enabled garage door opener was recently highlighted on a segment of the CBS New York – WLNY morning program, The Couch, called “Smarter Products for an Easier Life.”

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3 Replies to “Smart Home Gadgets for Your Garage – LiftMaster MyQ 804-299-4472”

  1. I wish he would have expanded just a bit more on LM’s security features, and included about the new gate opener models that are also MyQ. Otherwise, it’s a great piece!

  2. Thanks! That’ll be fantastic, as I’m currently considering a CSL24V once I get my gate installed.
    I was meaning more that in this society where more and more people are concerned about security, it would have been nice if they’d have pointed out more of what Liftmaster does to ensure our garages are secure. But I can see how time constraints didn’t really allow for it.

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