7 Replies to “Swap circuit board with reversing contactor 804-299-4472”

  1. Damn u are the man. I have always liked mechanical ops myself easy to diagnose and work on for me. I hate that everything is solid state now.

  2. Thanks!! 🙂 I like logic control boards actually, BUT NOT FOR RUNNING MOTOR AMPERAGE THROUGH!! We use the new Lynx style UL325 operators with a logic control board for the control circuit, and a separate reversing contactor for the motor. I don’t trust any AC motor ops with circuit boards and no contractor!!

  3. Me neither! Our 3ph. OHD ops have contactors built on the board. Our single phase units use ice cube relays and I trust those. Liftmaster on the other hand the boards are getting really cheap and cheesy especially the medium duty stuff. It’s basically residential garbage.

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