The KPR2000 Wired Keypad by LiftMaster 804-299-4472

This video gives an overview of the LiftMaster KPR2000 Wired Keypad.

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3 Replies to “The KPR2000 Wired Keypad by LiftMaster 804-299-4472”

  1. I know in the Card OR PIN passthrough mode the KPR2000 will send prox card Wiegand data to an access controller, but will it also send programmed PINs as Wiegand data to an access controller? 

  2. *Works as advertised. The magnetic stops are great.>>>**** Has all the hardware needed. I bought the same gate opener for the back gate and both are in place and working good.*

  3. where can you find wiring instructions for the kpr2000 to a liftmaster csl24u operator where does the diode go?

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