The Story of the Three Little Pigs… Fence Edition!

The Story of the Three Little Pigs… Fence Edition! – Reddi Fence

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Once upon a time there were three little pigs, who moved to
the magical land of Kansas. They each found a cozy new home on
beautiful property, but all of them needed a fence.

Now the pigs kept hearing stories from their new neighbors about the
Big Bad Kansas Wind. Why, it seemed to cause all kinds of trouble for
fences. Sometimes it could even blow them right over!

The three little pigs didn’t want this to happen to their fences. So they got on the Internet and did some research about what kind of fence could stand up to the Big Bad Kansas Wind.

The first little pig had a great big yard with a garden and a pet
dog, and he needed a lot of fencing on a budget. So, he picked an
affordable chain link fence. His contractor anchored the posts so the
fence would be nice and sturdy when the strong wind came along. And sure
enough, before too long, it did.

The Big Bad Kansas Wind huffed and it puffed…but it couldn’t blow
that chain link fence down! The wind blew right through it and went on
its way. So the first little pig happily went out to tend his garden.

Chain Link Fence
Privacy Fence

Now the second little pig liked to entertain on his deck and lay out
by his pool, so he wanted a fence that offered privacy. A wooden fence
seemed like just the thing…but he was concerned because he’d heard
stories about wooden fences that were damaged by the wind.

So the pig called up his friendly local fencing contractor, and they
suggested a shadow box fence for his property. This type of wooden fence
gave him more privacy than a regular picket fence, but still let some
wind flow through. They built his wooden fence with heavy duty posts and
crossbeams. It was ready when the Kansas wind came prowling by.

The Big Bad Kansas Wind huffed and it puffed…but it couldn’t blow
that fence down! The strong, well-built wooden fence stood up to the
wind. So the second little pig happily got his towel and headed out to
the pool.

Now the third little pig also wanted
privacy, plus he was an enterprising fellow who wanted to boost his
property value. He decided to invest in a concrete block fence (or wall,
if you like). The contractor build an attractive wall with a strong
foundation that would last a long time. This little pig wasn’t too
worried about the wind because he figured that sturdy, solid wall could
stand up to just about anything.

Sure enough, the Big Bad Kansas Wind huffed and it puffed…but it
couldn’t blow that concrete block fence down! It didn’t even budge. So
the third little pig happily went out to enjoy his beautiful yard.

Concrete Block Fence

If you need to keep the Big Bad Kansas Wind at bay, give Reddi Fencing Wichita a call at 316-858-0757. Our fence contractors can provide you with you a solution that fits your needs and budget… for your own happily ever after!

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