Using Remote Light Control & Remote Light Switch Accessories 804-299-4472

This video overviews the LiftMaster Remote Light Control and the Remote Light Switch Accessories. They use the revolutionary LiftMaster MyQ technology, allowing you to control your garage door opener with your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

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7 Replies to “Using Remote Light Control & Remote Light Switch Accessories 804-299-4472”

    1. Hi @tiggfigg, The light switch will work with a 3-way switch. Have a great day!
      ^Yolanda, LiftMaster Social Media Team

  1. Do u need to have the internet working in the house to turn light on or off. Does my Android mobile smart phone hotspot allow me to use my q to open and close door and to turn on and off lights using 825lm

    1. Arthur Levine you can still press the manual button on the device itself, you could also use the remote, you just won’t be able to control it from your phone or computer

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