6 Replies to “Variable Frequency Drive on a trolley style operator. 804-299-4472”

  1. Thanks bud! I’m doing another one tomorrow on an overhead gate. I’ll make a before and after vid.

  2. That would be cool! I’ve never even seen anything variable speed in all my years . How it exactly works would be a great vid.

  3. Didn’t that Rytec door you worked on have a VFD? Was it a high speed roll up fabric door with slow-start/slow-stop?

  4. Yeah I guess u are right. But I didn’t notice it too much cuz of the speed is so quick. It was also in a cold storage facility so I was freezing my ass off and being driven nuts by intermediate 361 edge trip codes. The ones u are doing is that something u are adapting or a factory set up?

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