Weird commercial overhead door installation. Correctional I 804-299-4472

14′ x 12′ Clopay 3220 door, 3″ low-headroom double track, offset Lynx MCBH trolley operator, Fraba infra-red safety, slide lock with interlock, auxiliary disengaging chain hoist with interlock, and open/close/stop/keyed on/off, and track guards. Basically, lots of odd accessories that are rarely seen all on one door. Installation was not simple and straight forward, but the end result is good.

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  1. This is definitely a unique install, but it makes sense. Less risk of injury with a chain hoist vs a pull rope. I thought the dual language requirement was only in one or two eastern provinces? Is that a national requirement?

  2. Why the hell did you idiots go through all that drawbar work when you should have mounted a motorized wall mount jackshaft with hoist and brake on the top right by the shaft??? You even had a power supply jbox up there. If your belt clutch is adjusted properly, you don’t need a limit switch as the belt will spin and not transfer power to a locked door. Your photo eyes are also buried in the track guards which are way too high. Not only do you have to remove all the guards to do eye work, when the fork lift hits the guard, which won’t do anything, it will take out the track and the eye. You could have installed a normal headroom door if the trolley was not there. YOU MORONS AND YOUR SALESMAN ARE FIRED. GET YOUR TOOLS AND DISAPPEAR

    1. George Bergh LMAO! This was what the customer specified that they wanted. We tried to talk them into a more simple setup, but they didn’t want it. A jack shaft operator should not be used on a standard lift or low headroom door as they’re prone to causing the cables to come off, even if you pitch the tracks and install pusher springs. The eyes are on rubber mounts. The track guards add protection to them. If they hit it hard enough to take out the track guards, eye, and track, then they would have still taken the eye and track out anyways if they didn’t have the guards. Before you get all high and mighty, maybe consider that there’s more to the situation than you know…

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